In order to maximise the value of your land by getting the best planning permission

we need to follow this  procedure to obtain this.


The very first thing we require you to do is fill out our enquiry form giving us all the details about your land.

Please enclose as much information about the land and if possible images of it too so we can quickly access this and get back to you a.s.a.p to inform whether it is of any interest to ourselves. Click here to fill out the enquiry form.


Once we have all the information about your land we will get out team together and look at all the opportunities with the land and access all the local area and constraints that could come up. If we believe that the site is good for planning permission we will provide you with our thoughts and if we would like to take it further.


Our team would then take on the project with our Solicitors giving the proposal a review and we plan a course of action. We would produce a standard contract setting out all the terms and conditions and timescales for us to work with. We do this so all the legalities are all organised before the work commences and everyone knows where they are before work starts.


Our team would then take the project onto the next stage which is where we would aim to obtain planning permission and cover all the associated costs which this brings. We then would get all the relevant people that would work on the project to do site visits, surveys, applications and work with any appeals and re-issue of any applications. We cover all the costs for this taking away the risk to you the client. 


Depending upon whether you work with us to take the land onto construction and build we will work with you all through this  then the site is then sold on the open market with all the benefits of having the right planning permission in place. We have very good relationships with a number of agents to maximise the presence of the land to get the best possible exposure and price. The fee we charge is a percentage of this final sale price. 



If you're interested in our services, please click below to fill out our contact form.

We will then be in touch to provide you with further details.

We look forward to hearing from you!