We have a very successful proven track record for finding and purchasing the best land in the right places using our bank of contacts which include a experienced expert agents and owners of land. ​

We can take care of the whole planning processes making sure that all targets are met and gained meeting the client’s approval. We achieve this by liaising with the clients from the initial stages and go through all the processes including using our in-house architects and design and concept team.​

Working with a construction company directly who have over 15 years experience in the construction industry we can not only negotiate the right pricing but also deliver the right scheme and concept right through to completion. All aspects are covered from contracts to getting the right contractors involved, we take of it all.​

The site is sold on the open market with the benefit of planning permission.

We market the site through traditional estate agents to maximise exposure and ensure the best possible sale price. Our fee for the entire process is a percentage of this final sale price.

We here at G8 Development offer a unique service for finding the right land for developments using our extensive relationships and contacts. We then can take the land source and follow all the relevant processes through

including construction and finalisation of the built building(s) ​



If you have land you are looking at selling with the benefit of having planning permission then please get in touch with. With our vas experience and knowledge of the planning process you will get all of the benefits of the planning and not have to worry about the stressful task of going through the process and the financial risks associated with it all.


Currently we are sourcing land in the areas of Huntingdonshire and Fenland so if you have land in those area please get in touch with us today!