We at G8 Development have a unique approach to development by building a good relationship with clients and making sure we meet all their needs and requirements do delivery the results by liaising through every stage.


Working with the contact we have established with various housing associations and developers we always ensure that the housing needs are always met in the areas and also to ensure that the final projects are delivered to the needs of the client.


We work in partnership with the client on every stage of the process from acquisition of land to completion, our key focus is building a positive working relationship which will last a long time. 

One of our key specialist areas here at G8 Development is affordable housing which also includes shared ownership schemes. We work alongside national affordable housing businesses and local authorities to deliver these schemes.


G8 Development work with a number of local authorities identifying the right areas with the needs for affordable housing and produce the right schemes that would suit.





We are proud of the quality we produce for the schemes we work with and the end result is the key but without obtaining the planning permission the project with be a non-starter and with our relationships built with authorities we can guarantee success.


G8 Development work in obtaining planning for various styles of schemes that will increase the local area appeal and with our key eye on our design and delivery we aim to make sure every element is kept amazing. 


We charge a percentage fee of the onward sale price of the site, both the landowner and developer will have the same common goal and overall incentive. Both the developer and landowner will be working side by side to maximise the value of the land before any proceeds are divided.